Headphone Mode

Use headphones with the Roku mobile app to crank up the volume without waking the house.
Headphone mode is a feature of Roku® mobile app is a feature of the Roku mobile app that lets you listen to your TV on headphones that are connected to your phone or tablet*. When others nearby do not want to be disturbed, you can still enjoy the sound from streaming channels and live digital broadcast television on wired headphones plugged into your mobile device, or Bluetooth® headphones that are connected wirelessly.

  • You must first install the latest version of the Roku® mobile app and connect your mobile device to your Roku TV. To establish this wireless connection, both your mobile device and your Roku device must be connected to the same wireless network.
  • When private listening is active, you will not hear audio from your TV speakers.
  • You must have an aerial connected to your Roku TV to use Roku® mobile app with live digital broadcast television. Mobile private listening is not supported with analog over-the-air broadcast television.

*Phone and headphones not provided.