VISPERA – Infinite vision


With screens up to 75”

VISPERA QLED TELEVISIONS powered by Samsungs TIZEN smart system represent a pinnacle of display technology, offering numerous benefits and exceptional picture quality. Their Quantum Dot technology enhances color accuracy and brightness, resulting in vivid, lifelike images with a wide color spectrum. The use of a Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) backlight system ensures deep blacks and high contrast, elevating the viewing experience. QLEDs are also impressively energy efficient. Featuring QUAD CORE 64bit processors make these Vispera TVs fast and responsive.

Moreover, they boast superb motion handling and low input lag, making them ideal for gaming and fast-paced content. Their anti-reflective coatings reduce glare, even in well-lit rooms. Overall, QLED TVs provide a premium, immersive visual experience with advanced features and superior picture quality

Available in five 4K UHD screen sizes 43”/50”/55”/65”and 75”


With screens up to 75”

VISPERA 4K LED televisions powered by Samsungs TIZEN smart system offer remarkable benefits and exceptional picture quality. With a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, they provide four times the detail of Full HD displays, resulting in stunning clarity and sharpness. LED technology ensures efficient backlighting, producing bright and vivid images, while also being energy efficient. Featuring QUAD CORE 64bit processors make these Vispera TVs fast and responsive.

VISPER TVs support High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, enhancing contrast and colour depth for a more lifelike viewing experience. Their slim design and affordability make them popular choices. Additionally, 4K LED TVs excel in upscaling lower-resolution content, ensuring that older videos and broadcasts appear better on the higher-resolution screen. Overall, they provide an excellent balance of price and performance for a superb home entertainment experience.

Available in five screen sizes 43”/50”/55”/65” and 75”

Vispera Elegant Range

With screens up to 50”

The Vidaa Smart operating system is integrated into the VISPERA Elegant range of televisions, which transforms the viewing experience. This streamlined and user-friendly operating system offers quick access to content, apps, and settings, ensuring effortless navigation. Vidaa OS emphasizes customization, allowing users to tailor their home screens and organize their favourite apps. The mobile app available on Android and Apple devices is free to download from the relative app stores.

Vidaa OS keeps the focus on content. It’s renowned for its snappy performance and regular updates, optimizing the TV’s functionality and delivering a smooth and personalized viewing experience. All your favourite apps – Netflix – Prime – Youtube and Disney+ can be accessed by pressing a dedicated button on the remote control.

Available in four screen sizes 27”/32”/43” and 50”

ROKU Range

With screens up to 75” there’s a Roku TV for every fan

Roku Smart TVs offer a seamless streaming experience, providing access to a vast array of channels and apps. With user-friendly interfaces, they simplify content discovery and enhance viewing pleasure. Featuring affordable options, easy setup, and regular updates, Roku Smart TVs deliver high-quality entertainment with convenience, making them an excellent choice for modern home entertainment.

Available in six screen sizes 24”/32”/43”/55”/65”/75”