Ultra sharp 4K TVs combined with TIZEN flexibility.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate TV experience, whether floating in space, or climbing the Empire State Building the 4K range will take you there…

…Infinite vision

At Vispera we aim to be recognised as the UK’s most trusted TV supplier, delivering home entertainment with the latest technology backed with our after service guarantee.

Working together to produce the most advanced home entertainment.

Vispera who?

Vispera is British owned. It’s a UK based and staffed consumer electronics company.

Take our breadth of experience and add in a sensible, sustainable approach to global manufacturing, we made the right decision to assemble Vispera televisions in South Wales.

We can therefore offer a well specified, locally produced product in a quicker, more engaging way to you, the customer.

Our commitment to quality.

We totally understand the importance, and are committed to product quality and manufacturing sustainability.

Vispera exists by employing people, who themselves are consumers in the UK. We see the real need for high quality, reliable product and if needed can ask us for assistance.

Mission statement

Our vision is to present to you the best value product which fits your needs in your life. To leave you in no doubt that you have made the best possible, informed purchase.